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Posted June 22nd, 2015



Information and photos provided by Cruise Norway AS

Update June 2015

Norway - The Ultimate Nature-based Cruise Destination

Cruise Norway is the Norwegian marketing company established by Norwegian port authorities, transport companies and other suppliers. We concentrate our activities on the international cruise market, presenting information about Cruise Norway member ports, destinations, attractions and other services provided by cooperating companies.

Norway is a great place to spend a vacation!

Norway is a land of contrasts and our long coast offers unique possibilities for cruises of different lengths and content. Our unique nature is our main selling point, but Norway has so much more to offer! Great local food, a varied and exciting culture, cultural events and festivals, daring architecture and much more!

WELCOME TO NORWAY – seeing is believing!

Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik-Borg News from Lofoten

Lofoten is pleased to announce a wide range of new shore excursions for both the summer and the winter season. The islands described as «The most beautiful islands in the world» by National Geographic Travel can now proudly present even more reasons to visit this area of truly exceptional beauty.

This time, it is more in the shape of great storytelling, interesting meetings with Vikings in museums, festivals and other events. The stories of the Viking Age are more popular than ever. In the Lofoten Islands you can feel what it was like to be a Viking yourself, and sail and row a real Viking ship.

Afterwards, enjoy the food of the Vikings and the drink of the Norse Gods. More than a 1000 years ago, the Vikings developed excellent longboats, well suited for sailing and crossing oceans, and perfect for traversing shallow rivers and sounds – opening up new worlds for exploration and bringing new opportunities. The Vikings are often mentioned in connection with plundering of cloisters and villages, but more important is their story as great traders. In fact, the Vikings from the northern parts of Norway had much to offer the southern parts of Europe – and vice versa. Fur, walrus tusks, leather, eiderdown and much more were considered to be highly valuable trading articles in the south. At Lofotr Viking Museum you can row and even sail a replica of the Gokstad Viking ship! Regular departures every day during summer – each trip lasts about 30 min. Tours can also be exclusively booked for groups. After sailing and rowing, you are sure to be hungry and in need of some wholesome food. The Lady of the Viking Chieftain´s longhouse at Borg offers a menu of lamb, wild boar, fish, soup cooked over an open fire and, of course, the drink of the Norse Gods – the golden honey mead! All meals are served in historical surroundings, inside the largest Viking longhouse in the world (reconstructed, based on actual finds in Borg, Lofoten). Even in the museum cafeteria Viking style dishes are offered – lighter, smaller portions, catering for all tastes.
Take this unique opportunity to travel back in time, more than a 1000 years!

Lofoten Links – Photo: Kevin Murray


When the 18 hole links world class course opens in July 2015 in the world’s most beautiful islands, it will be a “must visit” location also for golfers. The experience at Lofoten Links is completely unrivalled, offering Midnight Sun golfing and a 24-hour tee-off during the summer months of May through July, in surroundings reminiscent of the classic Scottish links. The sea is an integral feature on 9 of the new 18 holes, with some world class golf holes. The course, uniquely situated 95 miles north of the Arctic Circle at a latitude of 68 degrees, makes every golfer’s dreams a reality! “So many golf courses claim to be unique, yet Lofoten Links is that and so much more. Not only are the surroundings visually stunning, but its location relative to the Arctic Circle means that it truly offers golfers a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” noted Bruce Glasco, Vice-President and Managing Director, Troon International Operations.

The European Shag. Photo: Martin Eggen


Lofoten Birding is a new provider offering guided birdwatching tours to some of the best hotspots in Lofoten. The magnificent nature in Lofoten is home to several interesting birds which you might be able to see during the tour, such as the Slavonian Grebe, the Black-tailed Godwit and the White-tailed Eagle. Your guide, Martin Eggen, was born and raised in Northern Norway, and started bird watching at an early age. He spent his youth in the southwest of Norway in an area containing some of the most important bird areas in Norway. Learning through bird ringing and migration studies of birds, he is now one of Norway’s most keen and experienced birdwatchers. Martin now lives in Lofoten. He knows exactly where and when to find the birds you are searching for!

The landscape in Lofoten has been formed by the forces of nature and the labours of the people, resulting in a unique combination of wildness and tranquillity. There are magnificent mountains and wild coasts, sandy beaches and sheltered bays, wetlands, small farms and woodlands, all the homes of several interesting birds. Lofoten Birding offers a guided tour to some of the best hotspots for bird watching in the region. Our first stop is at Storeidet, which is the breeding ground for birds such as Slavonian Grebes and several species of ducks. The rare Black-tailed Godwit is often seen in this area.

Further west we drive alongside the strong sea current of Nappstraumen, looking for White-tailed Eagles, European Shags, Cormorants, Black Guillemots, Razorbills, Arctic Skuas, Kittiwakes and Arctic Terns. After passing the little fishing community of Napp we reach Vareid and Kilan where we look for Black-throated Divers, Red-throated Divers, Whooper Swans and Bluethroats, as well as common species like Red-breasted Mergansers and Common Eiders. A last stop at the fishing village Vikten should add a few new species to our list, such as Rock Pipits and Twite, as we stroll along the beach. Here we also visit the Vikten Glasshouse for a cup of coffee before heading for the boat. Please note that the list of birds observed varies from day to day, depending on weather conditions and the time of year.

Lofoten Diving. Photo: Tore Schøning

There is a place on Earth where the Sun never sets, the Northern Lights never cease to amaze, and people always smile. This is Lofoten - a paradise for the active holidaymaker. Lofoten Diving is located in the middle of the Lofoten Islands – at Ballstad (8 km from Leknes pier). Thanks to our constant presence we are able to offer a great variety of amazing water activities all year round. Join us for one of our exciting tours, such as a RIB sea safari, a unique combination of the sea and history. On this tour you are invited to encounter sea eagles, Lofoten’s fisheries and a thousand-year tradition which has fascinated visitors for centuries. Are you interested in Arctic fauna and flora? Explore Lofoten’s underwater life with us – we offer the largest variety of dive and snorkel programs, some in combination with other activities and others under the Midnight Sun. Our trips are safe, fun, educational and enjoyable for all ages and skill levels. It is an ideal adventure for families and friends and will stand out in your memory forever. Welcome to Lofoten Diving! Duration of trips: 1.5 hours - 4 hours. Boat capacity: 12 pax. Distance from Leknes port: 0 km.

We’d like to introduce you to the welcoming waters of Lofoten either in kayaks or Stand Up Paddle boards. With the best possible equipment, this is both fun, unique and a warm experience. SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is an activity that everyone can do. Flakstad Beach in Lofoten is the perfect place to learn SUP. Lofoten is without doubt one of the most exotic places where you can do this – here you don’t need any prior knowledge in order to learn. Start and stop is located at the dock in Leknes, and the maximum number of pax at any one time 25 SUP/ 15 kayaks. In the course of one full day: 50 SUP and 30 kayaks.

News from Geiranger

Sheepdog show in Hellesylt

Welcome to Upper Ljøen where experience sheep dogs at work in beautiful surroundings on the small mountain farm Upper Ljøen. The farm is located 300m above the point where the famous Geiranger Fjord meets the Sunnylvs Fjord, a five-minute drive from the centre of Hellesylt.

We would like to let you see sheepdogs in action and guide you through the show, explaining what the dogs are doing and why. The view is magnificent, so don’t forget to bring your camera! The farm is inhabited by seven Border Collies, 50 sheep, 80 lambs and 4 lamas. All of our livestock are allowed to graze freely on the premises, thus keeping the landscape open and beautiful.

Dalsnibba Viewpoint

Dalsnibba Viewpoint is scheduled to build a new parking area and restore the old path that will connect the parking area with the plateau. It is planned to build a platform located several meters above the mountain rocks. Dalsnibba Viewpoint is located about 1500 m.a.s.l. in Geiranger and has Europe’s highest fjord view from a road. There is parking only a few steps from the point where you can enjoy the view of the Geirangerfjord. With the telescope you can have a closer look at the cruise ships in the harbour, the mountain peaks or the Eagle road.

New in 2015 is that there will be a new parking area located 200 meters before the mountain top. A path built out of stones by Sherpas from Nepal will connect the parking area with the plateau.

We are also planning to build a platform during the season which is going to jut out of the Dalsnibba plateau and which is located several meters above the mountain rocks.

News from Trondheim

Mathallen Trondheim Foto: Eskil Roll,

The Food Hall in Trondheim opens on July 11th and will offer local food and beverages all year long, 7 days a week. Here you will find local food prepared for take-away lunches or to eat there in the restaurant. They will arrange some events to teach cooking or serving food and they might have international food weeks. Among the beverage choice, is a coffee bar which serves locally produced coffee, a brewery that serves over 400 kinds of beer as well as a wine and aquavit bar. If you were looking for the typical “smørebrød”, you will find it at the Food Hall, entry from Prinsensgate, only a 2-minute walk from the market square.

Ilabekken Hike, Øyvind Blomstereng

New Tour: Ilabekken Hike
This hike starts with a promenade along the Trondheimsfjord towards Ila, the isthmus that connects the city centre with the surrounding areas. At Ila you follow the brook upstream to its origin, Theisendam. This at times steeper path leads past waterfalls, wooden stairways and forest uphill through a valley to the dam. Reaching the dam you take a break, enjoying the view over the lake at one side and the city centre on the other. As Norwegians traditionally do on a hike, you will also have the pleasure of enjoying chocolate bar to keep your strength up! The walk downhill will take you along some calmer residential areas and back to the city centre. The hiking tour lasts 3 hours and offers the possibility of remaining in the city centre. This tour can be combined with a visit to Sverresborg Open Air Museum.

Harbour Sightseeing Photo: Sven Erik Knoff
New Tour: Discover Trondheim from the water and on foot
The discovery tour starts from the dockside where you will be picked up by the sightseeing boat. The river Nid, which winds its way through downtown Trondheim, allows you to marvel at the famous wharves by boat. Close to the Old City Bridge the boat turns to show you the newer part of the city, Solsiden, and the old German bunker, DORA. Before being dropped off at the fish market in the city centre the boat passes by Munkholmen Island. From the fish market you continue the tour on foot towards Nidaros Cathedral, passing by Stiftsgarden (the Royal residence) and the lively market square with the statue of the city’s founder, Olav Tryggvason. After visiting Nidaros Cathedral (exterior visit only) we walk over the Old City Bridge entering the historical Bakklandet. On the return to the ship you will be able to see the only bicycle lift in the world.

Quay 31 Photo: Trondheim Port Authority

On April 28th two unused tower cranes were removed by Trondheim Port Authority allowing larger cruise ships to dock at Ila quay 31. The quay has a depth of 10m and is 134m long. Even though it has still not reached the standard of our cruise quay or Ila quay 30, it is a better solution than lying at anchor. The Caribbean Princess was offered this solution this year due to the arrival of the Costa Pacifica on the same day. Upon acceptance, the largest ship in Trondheim this season with a length of 290m will try our new option.

New Brattøra. Photo: Trondheim Port Authority

Reconstruction of the main quay area has been ongoing for quite some time now and this summer the promenade from the cruise quay to Skansen will finally be completed. The deadline is July 5th. Plans to improve the main quay for bus transportation, shuttle service and walking areas are due for implementation later this year.

News from Hammerfest

Photo: Katja Grosse, Hammerfest Tourist News from Hammerfest

Into the Ice
Ever since Hammerfest was established as a town by the Arctic Sea, hardy seafarers have taken off to fish and hunt and, not least, to take part in polar expeditions. Then it was the time of Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm, the local Hammerfest hero.

On the winter excursion “Into the Ice” we tell about the great age of exploration, especially Roald Amundsen’s South Pole expedition; it was the first time a human being reached the geographic South Pole. Amundsen was accompanied by our local hero Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm who was a polar chef. He became famous for his various talents, his positive attitude and his signature dish - Biff à la Lindstrøm.

We provide an Arctic expedition outfit and bring you to the mountain by bus. There we walk on the ice towards the summit to plant the Norwegian flag. Finally, we make it to Camp Framheim which is a cosy tent with a fireplace. Here you will hear more about Lindstrøm and Polar history and will be served a taste of Biff à la Lindstrøm and hot cakes.

Frisbee Golf. Photo: Erik Joachimsen,

Frisbee Golf
Our summer Frisbee Golf excursion is something for our sports-mad guests. Here we focus on activity and competition. We take our E-Bikes up to Mount in Salen and have a Frisbee Golf tournament.

Frisbee Golf demands precision and accuracy to hit the target with the disc. As an alternative, it is possible to take a bus or walk up to the facilities. It is also very popular to have activities in combination with the Sami Camp Mikkelgammen which is close-by. A nice reindeer stew is the perfect treat after a sporty day.

News from Hardanger

Photo: Marit Stadheim 

At Eidfjord the locals have dressed up trees with knitted «shirts» for many years. This spring one tree was booked for Cruise & Maritime’s «Magellan», in order to let the passengers on 3 cruises to Eidfjord make a nice dress for the tree. And that is exactly what the passengers did! On 3 consecutive cruises they knitted a blanket in CMV’s colours and handed the finished product over to Eidfjord in April. It was a great success and for the whole summer you’ll see the beautiful tree by the entrance to fantastic Eidfjord.

Eidfjord also has something new to offer its guests: 2 pedal boats for hire at the tourist office. Together with the popular kayaks this is a good way to explore Hardangerfjord in a silent, harmonic and romantic way.
An old attraction in Eidfjord is the stone church from 1309. Some of the walls are 1.67m thick. You will have the chance to glance into probably the only St. Jacob’s Church in Norway.

News from Kristiansund

Food safari with local produceVisit two farms with livestock and high quality products for sale. Tingvollost is a world champion in cheese. The second farm is the “ The Happy Cow”, a farm with a strong focus on traditional fare.
News from Kristiansund

Tingvollost has won a number of awards for their cheese, both nationally and internationally. This is a family run business consisting of four generations. They make four types of cheese and last year they used approximately 200 000 litres of cow’smilk in the production of cheese. The milk comes from their own farm.

The cheese is sold all over the country and the production is increasing.
Once at Tingvollost you can see some of the production, taste the cheese and see the animals.

The farm “The Happy Cow” has a focus on “short travelling food” in Norway. This is a family run farm, which also has a farm shop with local food for sale. You can see the animals, buy some local produce, and enjoy a coffee in the attractive little farm café.  Where:Tingvoll, about 1hrs drive from the berth. When: SUMMER

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